To Be, Or Not To Be

This is a fun little article and activity related to William Shakespeare and the English language. It is brought to you from Oxford Dictionary. The article has fun facts about the devising of language and then there is a text box where you can insert your own text and see how Shakespearean your writing is.

I went ahead and completed one of their suggested activities (copied a pasted the song Moves Like Jagger) into the text box and it came back at 85% Shakespearean! I do wish that it said specifically which words were considered Shakespearean within the text, but it is still a fun and insightful activity.

(If you read further in the article, they will tell you specifically how they arrived at the percentages as well)

One thought on “To Be, Or Not To Be

  1. I put a paper of mine into the box and it said that I was 84% Shakespearean and that “The waters of the Avon almost lap at your feet.”

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