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This is a newer website that I am really loving. All Sides is a website that takes current events/issues and categorizes them into right, left, and center. High school students sometimes have a hard time identifying slanted articles, bias, or even what side it is aligned with. For me personally, I find myself typically reading from the same sources and All Sides gives me some quick articles from another point of view so I can consider other sources before making my decisions on the issues.

All Sides would be a good source for argument/persuasive essays and social studies classrooms. My only issue with All Sides is that it doesn’t update as often as I think it should. I do occasionally find articles that are a few months old (even though it is a newer site). Hopefully that improves as it grows.

One thought on “All Sides

  1. This is a really great idea. Teaching students about biases in media is extremely important. Most people will believe in anything that is fed to them through their favorite media outlets. Far to many are swayed at cherry picked stories and some that are guilty don;t even realize it until it is to late.

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