Although it sounds disgusting, Blubbr is a website that allows you to create quiz questions for videos viewed online. Blubbr allows you to quickly create an account, name the quiz, find the video from a search in Blubbr (most YouTube videos were in their catalog of videos), and then develop quiz questions for the video.

Blubbr is incredibly useful for those of you requiring students to use videos outside of the classroom (i.e. flipped classroom model) or for enhancement. My only qualm with Blubbr is that the questions are limited in length/characters. I did have to revise how I wanted my questions asked, but the rest is very easy and intuitive to use. Additionally, there were a few other bugs, but I would expect them to be worked out when it is out of Beta testing. It is still a useful tool. Take a look at the interface below to see how it works:


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